Getting started

This page will guide you through installing and running a HOPR node in your computer on a local testnet.

Local environment

The following instructions are meant for you to run a local HOPR node. As a result, you will not be able to connect to peers other than yourself and can only test your node locally. To learn how to run a “live” HOPR node, please go to Install a HOPR node.

To get a HOPR node and start testing the HOPR protocol, follow the next instructions.

1. Fetch the latest version

Start by fetching the latest version of hoprd from our repository. You will need to have node.js@v16, yarn and other additional requirements to get started. For more information, read the repository’s README.

$ git clone hoprnet && cd "$_"

2. Install all dependencies

Before you can do anything, you need to run yarn, which will default to yarn install and retrieve hoprd’s dependencies from

$ yarn

3. Build the source code

Upon installation, you need now to compile the source code. Please bear in mind this process takes a bit of time and it is not unexpected to see it hanging at times.

$ yarn build

4. Run a local network

You are ready to build and deploy the HOPR Channels contract in your local network, the settlement layer used by HOPR nodes to issue and redeem tickets worth HOPR tokens.

$ yarn run:network

5. Run alice and bob

Using different terminals for each process, run now alice and bob, our pre-configured nodes which can be used to test the application.

# running normal node alice (separate terminal)
$ DEBUG=hopr* yarn run:hoprd:alice

# running normal node bob (separate terminal)
$ DEBUG=hopr* yarn run:hoprd:bob

6. Fund your nodes

With all your nodes up and running, you now need to have local HOPR tokens for your nodes to be able to send messages. Use our local faucet which would mint both 1 ETH and 1 HOPR token for you to use.

$ yarn run:faucet:all

You are ready to go! Go to either localhost:3000 (bootstrap server), localhost:3010 (alice) or localhost:3020 (bob) and type help to learn more about what hoprd can do.