Testnet HOPR Tokens

The HOPR mainnet will run on the Ethereum chain, and HOPR will be an ERC-20 compatible token.

The testnet runs on Ropsten Network, so requires a ROPSTEN-compatible token. That’s why the testnet will use testnet HOPR.

Just like in the HOPR mainnet, you’ll receive testnet HOPR when you relay data to other users in the network.

Testnet HOPR works like the HOPR token will: you receive it for relaying and mixing data in the HOPR mixnet, and you spend it to send data.

You can check your testnet HOPR balance at any time by typing balance in HOPRd or in your HOPR AVADO Node. This will also show you your ETH balance, under native.


The testnet HOPR token will only work on our HOPR testnets. It is not the final HOPR token that will run on mainnet and for legal reasons testnet HOPR tokens cannot be transferred to HOPR tokens. Prizes for our testnets will be solely determined by your final score on the testnet leaderboard, not the number of testnet HOPR tokens you control.