HOPR on Ethereum mainnet

The HOPR mainnet token, “HOPR Token”, is deployed on Ethereum mainnet on 0xF5581dFeFD8Fb0e4aeC526bE659CFaB1f8c781dA, denoted as “HOPR”.

Since the Ethereum blockchain is still expensive to use due to high gas fees, the HOPR token can be also used on xDAI, a side-chain of Ethereum, by converting them to xHOPR. The “xHOPR Token” is deployed in address 0x12481c3Ed97b32D94E71C2039DBC44432ADD39a0 on xDAI.


When sending “mainnet” HOPR through a bridge between Ethereum and xDAI, the mainnet “HOPR token”, initially a ERC777 token and fully compatible with ERC20 becomes a ERC677 token on xDAI.


The HOPR client is still under development and not all issues are fixed. We recommend to not add more than 10 wxHOPR and 1 xDAI to it.

In order to use it with HOPR and the payment channel logic on xDAI, xHOPR needs to be wrapped into an ERC777 compatible token on xDAI, we call this “wxHOPR” - “wrapped xHOPR”. This can be done using the wrapper website at wrapper.hoprnet.org.


After wrapping the tokens from xHOPR to wxHOPR they can be used within the HOPR client and will appear in the client when typing balance.