Start Here

These instructions assume you have installed HOPRd on your machine and you are able to access http://localhost:3000/.

To use HOPR, you’ll need two types of funds:

  • the native token of the blockchain the HOPR token is linked to (for example: ETH)

  • HOPR token

The HOPR network is currently running on xDAI, a side-chain of Ethereum, which means the native token is xDAI. On xDAI, the HOPR Token, called xHOPR, is deployed in this address.

Running HOPRd

With this command, we will run hoprd and store logs. When running this command the first time, it will create a folder db in the current working directory where it will store the encrypted key to your node and your off-chain private data.

DEBUG=hopr* npx hoprd --admin --init --announce --identity .hopr-identity --password switzerland --forwardLogs

Accessing HOPRd on a local machine

Visit http://localhost:3000.

Accessing HOPRd on a VPS

ssh -L 3000: root@`<VPS ip address>`
# you'll then be prompted to enter your password

Then visit http://localhost:3000 on your browser.