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Version: v2.0.8

What is HOPR?

The Reality of the Today’s Internet

Imagine a list of everything you’ve done online this week, and when. Everyone you messaged or called. Every social media interaction, crypto exchange visit, takeout order, doctor's appointment, dating app match. Every website you visited (yes, ALL of them!). Now add everywhere you’ve been with your phone, handily tracked by GPS and timestamped.

Would you be happy for your neighbours to see this list? Your boss? Your bank? Your insurance company? What about everyone on the internet? Now instead of a list for the week, make it the past year. Now make it a decade.

Now make it everything you’ve ever done online, stored forever for anyone willing to pay (or hack into it).

That’s the reality of using the internet today. While the data we send is usually encrypted, the metadata — the data about what you’re sending, when, and who to — is all available to be hacked and tracked.

And the problem is getting worse. We generate millions of gigabytes of data every minute, almost all of it with exposed metadata, and this figure is only going to grow. It shouldn’t be this way. Users deserve privacy. Companies deserve tools to protect the privacy of their employees and customers. HOPR provides this privacy for everyone

What is HOPR?

HOPR is a way for people, companies, and devices to exchange information online with complete privacy. People who communicate and transact using HOPR — or apps and services which run on top of the HOPR platform — can be sure that no-one can find out what data is being shared, who is sending or receiving it, or even how much data is being sent.

Best of all, HOPR is fully decentralized. It’s completely transparent and trustless, which means you never have to rely on a third party, and you’re never locked into a service or have to give up control of your data.

HOPR is run by users, for users. Anyone can help to maintain the HOPR network by relaying data via a HOPR node, either on their computer or as a separate device plugged into their router. And best of all, HOPR is fully incentivized, meaning everyone who runs a node and stakes tokens will earn HOPR tokens in exchange for their efforts.