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Version: v2.1.1

Myne Chat

Myne Chat is a private and decentralised messaging dApp. Share links and peerIDs to start a conversation with your friends.

To start a conversation, both you and your friend both have to complete a few steps:

Your Perspective (the host):

Myne Chat two nodes

(1) Pick two nodes to use, open one, and send the other to your friend.

Myne Chat open pop-up

(2) Click the "+" icon on the top left.

Myne Chat start conversation

(3) Copy your friend's peerID and enter it into the pop-up, then click send.

Myne Chat open conversation

(4) To officially start a conversation, you have to send a message (if you don't, your friend won't see the open conversation).

Friend's Perspective:

Mynechat find conversation

(1) Find the open conversations on the left. You can use the host's peerID to locate the one you want if you have more than one.