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Version: v2.1.1


HOPR Playground lets you launch and interact with a fully interconnected cluster of five hoprd nodes. The nodes and connecting channels are all pre-funded, allowing you to use or test dApps costlessly.

Playground Cluster

You can launch a cluster without installing software or spending any HOPR tokens at

Once you launch your cluster, it will be active for 20 minutes before terminating. This allows other users access to the 40 available clusters. If you want to keep using Playground, you can just launch another cluster after your time is up (as long as one is available).

After clicking ‘Launch Cluster’, you should see a dock of dApps for you to explore. You can view a quick tutorial on how to use each one in the docs.

Playground Cluster

You can also use the node URLs and API keys to connect your dApp to Playground’s pre-funded nodes. This will give you access to costless testing while developing HOPR dApps.

Playground Cluster

You can have your dApp added to Playground as long as it follows the HOPR dApp standard. Use the developer section to see how you can get started.