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Converting HOPR token

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Like DAI and xDAI, HOPR and xHOPR exist in a 1:1 relationship on Ethereum mainnet and Gnosis Chain, respectively. To convert between them, you need to use a tool called a Omnibridge found at

Like DAI and xDAI, HOPR and xHOPR exist in a 1:1 relationship on Gnosis Chain and Ethereum mainnet, respectively. To convert between them, you need to use a tool called a Omnibridge found at



Your wallet needs to be connected to Gnosis Chain. If you haven’t set that up yet, you can find the details here. You’ll need to select “Add Custom RPC” in your wallet and fill in the information.

Click the “Connect” button to connect your wallet.

Convert xHOPR to HOPR

Choose your wallet type. For this tutorial we’ll use MetaMask.

Convert xHOPR to HOPR

A popup will appear. Select the wallet you want to use and click "Next".

Convert xHOPR to HOPR

  1. You’ll see a screen with your wallet address and Gnosis chain at the top right.
  2. Now you need to select your tokens to swap. Select the dropdown menu on the “From” side of the bridge.

Convert xHOPR to HOPR

  1. Search for HOPR token and click on it. After selecting HOPR token, it will say “HOPR Token on GC” on the “From” side and “HOPR Token” will be automatically selected on the “To” side.

Convert xHOPR to HOPR

Enter the amount you want to transfer across the Omnibridge. The amount you will receive will be shown on the other side. This will be very slightly different, because the bridge charges a small fee.

Press “Request” to begin the transfer.

Convert xHOPR to HOPR

You will receive a warning confirming the bridge fee for the transfer and explaining about the gas fees involved. There will be two transactions, one on the Gnosis side and one on the ETH side. Each will cost gas, so make sure you have both currencies in your wallet, in addition to your xHOPR.

Once you’re ready to start the transfer, press “Continue”

Convert xHOPR to HOPR

You need to wait for 12 block confirmations before the transfer begins. This will happen on the Gnosis side so should only take around a minute.

If you click the blue link, you’ll see what’s going on behind the scenes.


Don’t close the Omnibridge tab! Your transaction won’t be lost, but it will require a bit more effort to process manually. If this happens, please contact the ambassadors in our Telegram channel for help.

Convert xHOPR to HOPR

Once the transaction reaches 12 block confirmations, an automated multisig will process the transaction on the ETH side. Four out of seven validators must provide signatures to approve the transfer. This can take a little time.

Convert xHOPR to HOPR

Your tokens will need to be claimed on the other side of the bridge. To do this, your wallet will need to be disconnected from Gnosis Chain and connected to the Ethereum mainnet.

In the Omnibridge, you’ll see a popup asking you to do just that:

Convert xHOPR to HOPR

Change back to ETH Mainnet in your wallet, and the Omnibridge will automatically detect it.

The popup will change to show a “CLAIM” button:

Convert xHOPR to HOPR

Press “Claim” and a popup will appear from your wallet asking you to confirm the transaction on the ETH Mainnet. This will be a lot more expensive than the transaction on the Gnosis side, and may take some time due to congestion. But once it confirms, you will have HOPR in your wallet on ETH Mainnet!