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hoprd Commands

This page gives a short overview of the different commands you can run from your node, and the syntax for using them.


To access the list of available commands, type help. If you incorrectly enter a command, your node will try to suggest the correct syntax. The list below is grouped by function. Type commands only with lowercase letters.


The HOPR client is still under development. Please do NOT add funds to the HOPR node that you can’t lose.


Type address to see the two addresses associated with your node.


Output will look similar to this:

HOPR Address:  M6psb
ETH Address: 0x81057b10E5ed35949C1a75b114818dc553755016

The HOPR address is used for interacting with other nodes in the HOPR network which includes sending and receiving messages. By default, this only shows the last five characters. Click them to expand and see the full address.

The ETH address is your native address, used for funding with native and HOPR tokens.


You can use the alias command to give an address a more memorable name.

alias [HOPR address] [alias]

HOPR address - starts with 16Uiu2HA....

alias - alias or name, you want to assign to a HOPR address.


alias 16Uiu2HAmMBYpQVq7rfFxV5iP3JPXJKs1dqRe2Z6HX7zXJgwjTzjV Bob

Your node will assign the alias (name) to that address. You can now use that alias in commands like send or open payment channel, instead of typing the full address.


Note that these aliases are not available publicly, and will reset when you restart your node.


Type balance to display your current HOPR and native balances.


The HOPR client is running by default on xDAI, so balance will show the xDAI balance as well as the wxHOPR balance.


Type channels to see your currently open channels. You’ll see the node that each channel is open to and the amount with which they’re funded.



This command will let you close an open channel.

close [HOPR address]

HOPR address - to close payment channel with HOPR node you have previously opened. Address starts with 16Uiu2HA....

Once you’ve initiated channel closure, you have to wait for a specified closure time, it will show you a closure initiation message with cool-off time you need to wait.

Then you will need to send the same command again to finalize closure. This is a cool down period to give the other party in the channel sufficient time to redeem their tickets.


By funding it is also opens a payment channel to the specified node. With funding command you can fund both sides of payment channel. Make sure you have sufficient native tokens to pay the gas fees.

fund [HOPR address] [HOPR node amount] [HOPR counterparty node amount]

HOPR address - open payment channel with specified node. Address starts with 16Uiu2HA....

HOPR node amount - funding payment channel on current HOPR node side.

HOPR counterparty node amount - funding payment channel on the counterparty node side.


open 16Uiu2HAmMBYpQVq7rfFxV5iP3JPXJKs1dqRe2Z6HX7zXJgwjTzjV 0.1 0

You can choose which payment channel side to fund for the specific node.


Type help to display all the commands with brief explanation.



Type info to display information about your HOPR Node, including the bootstrap node it’s currently connected to.


Output will look similar to this:

Announcing to other nodes as: /ip4/,/p2p/MWXqD/p2p-circuit/p2p/M6psb,/p2p/xwsg5/p2p-circuit/p2p/M6psb,/p2p/XwAcq/p2p-circuit/p2p/M6psb,/p2p/6JHN6/p2p-circuit/p2p/M6psb,/p2p/FaQkw/p2p-circuit/p2p/M6psb,/p2p/a3J2a/p2p-circuit/p2p/M6psb,/ip4/,/ip4/
Listening on: /ip4/
Running on: xdai
HOPR Token: 0xD4fdec44DB9D44B8f2b6d529620f9C0C7066A2c1
HOPR Channels: 0x4f98F01cb02083eb5457CA0DDC6B37073ec5388a
Channel closure period: 5 minutes


Open a payment channel to the specified node and fund it with the specified amount of HOPR tokens. Make sure you have sufficient native tokens to pay the gas fees.

open [HOPR address] [amount]

HOPR address - starts with 16Uiu2HA....

amount - the amount of HOPR tokens you are willing to fund the payment channel.


open 16Uiu2HAmMBYpQVq7rfFxV5iP3JPXJKs1dqRe2Z6HX7zXJgwjTzjV 0.04


Type peers to see a list of nodes your node has discovered and established a connection to.


Output will look similar to this:

current nodes:
- id: jTzjV, quality: 1.00 (backoff 2, 99% of 514)
- id: qmf5r, quality: 1.00 (backoff 2, 94% of 503)
- id: T7ZVk, quality: 1.00 (backoff 2, 96% of 511)
- id: MWXqD, quality: 1.00 (backoff 2, 86% of 493)

22 peers have announced themselves on chain:


Current nodes: Your node will use this list of peers when it attempts to send and route messages and automatically open payment channels.

Nodes which announced themselves on chain: This is a list of peers which announced themselves on chain. This means that not all the peers are connected with your node, but announced it's existence on the chain.


Type ping and HOPR address to attempt to ping another node.

ping [HOPR address]

[HOPR address] - starts with 16Uiu2HA....

Output will look similar to this:

Pong received in: 87 ms

You should receive a pong and a latency report. This can be used to assess the health of the target node and your own node.


Type quit to terminate your node.



Type redeemTickets to attempt to redeem your earned tickets for HOPR. Make sure you have sufficient native currency in your balance to cover the gas fees.



There are different types of sending a message.

  • send a direct message
  • send a HOP message

Send a direct message

send ,[HOPR address] [message]

When running a command, make sure to use HOPR address and write a message without brackets "[]". Between comma sign (,) and HOPR address can't be any space.


send ,16Uiu2HAkuiKZnPRoeV8qjXNJaazo2D6G89UG4bLoyUmza1hM6psb Hello Bob!

Output will look similar to this:

Message sent

Sending a direct message means it is free of charge, because it is not mixed and private. If you want receiver to know who sent it, ensure that you’ve set your includeRecipient setting to true.

Send a HOP message

send [HOP address],[Recipient address] [message]

HOP address - HOPR node address through which data packed will be relayed.

Recipient address - HOPR node address of a recipient, who will receive a message.


When running a command, make sure to use HOPR addresses and write a message without brackets "[]". Between comma sign (,) and HOPR addresses can't be any space.


send 16Uiu2HAmHxdher8zPBKLqRJjTH24e5YmzhZJHwrCYzcFmeGMWXqD,16Uiu2HAkuiKZnPRoeV8qjXNJaazo2D6G89UG4bLoyUmza1hM6psb Hello Bob!

Sending a HOP message means it will cost you some HOPR tokens, because it is mixed and your message data packets were relayed through a [HOP address].


Type settings to see your current settings.


Output will look similar to this:

includeRecipient  false    Prepends your address to all messages (true|false)
strategy passive Set an automatic strategy for the node. (passive|promiscuous)

This will show whether you’re currently including your address with sent messages (includeRecipient true / false), and your current channel opening strategy (promiscuous / passive).

To change your includeRecipient setting, type:

settings includeRecipient true


settings includeRecipient false

To change your funding strategyn type:

settings strategy promiscuous


settings strategy passive

Passive and Promiscuous strategies

By default, hoprd runs in passive mode, this means that your node will not attempt to open or close any channels automatically. When you set your strategy to promiscuous mode, your node will attempt to open channels to a randomly selected group of nodes which you have a healthy connection to. At the same time, your node will also attempt to close channels that are running low on balance or are unhealthy.


Sign your personal non-custodial wallet address to receive rewards in NFT's. This feature is available on the certain events. Please follow the current release if it has this feature.

sign [address]

address - starts with 0x...


Type tickets to display information about your redeemed and unredeemed tickets. Tickets are earned by relaying data and can be redeemed for HOPR tokens.


Output will look similar to this:

finding information about tickets...

- Pending: 0
- Unredeemed: 1
- Unredeemed Value: 0.01 txHOPR
- Redeemed: 0
- Redeemed Value: 0.00 txHOPR
- Losing Tickets: 0
- Win Proportion: 0%
- Neglected: 0
- Rejected: 0
- Rejected Value: 0 txHOPR

This will show Tickets statistics on the HOPR node.


Type version to see the version of hoprd that you’re running.


Output will look similar to this:



withdraw [amount] [native/hopr] [address]

amount - the amount is for native or hopr tokens to withdraw.

native/hopr - you can withdraw native tokens (currently on xDai chain it will be xDai token) and hopr tokens (currently on xDai chain it will be wxHOPR tokens).

address - the receiver address which starts with 0x...

Example sending xDai tokens:

withdraw 0.1 native 0xc8Aa5a085c23dfEa903312a73EfC30888bB61f0B

Example sending HOPR tokens:

withdraw 0.1 hopr 0xc8Aa5a085c23dfEa903312a73EfC30888bB61f0B

Ensure you have sufficient native tokens in your balance to pay for the gas fees (native tokens, current chain xDai tokens).