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Version: v2.1.1

Allow Safe to receive ERC777 tokens

This is a quick guide on how to allow Safe to receive ERC777 tokens. This is a required step to claim HOPR tokens.

Allow Safe to Receive ERC777 Tokens (Gnosis)

(1) Log in to your account at

(2) Click the Apps menu item on the left sidebar and search for the Transaction Builder using the search bar.

Transaction Builder

(3) In a seperate tab open and copy your Safe address.

Safe Address

(4) Enter your Safe address into the field Enter Address or ENS Name within the transaction builder.

Note: If a pop-up appears, select Use Implementation ABI

(5) Scroll to the bottom, and in the Contract Method Selector dropdown, select the method setFallbackHandler and in the final text field, add the handler address: 0xeDCF620325E82e3B9836eaaeFdc4283E99Dd7562


(6) Press the Add transaction button, scroll to the top, and replace the address within the Enter Address or ENS Name field with 0x1820a4B7618BdE71Dce8cdc73aAB6C95905faD24

New tx

(7) Scroll down to the bottom again, and under Transaction information, fill out the following details:

  • Set the Contract Method Selector dropdown to setInterfaceImplementer
  • _addr (address): Your Safe Address
  • _interfaceHash (bytes32)*: 0xb281fc8c12954d22544db45de3159a39272895b169a852b314f9cc762e44c53b
  • _implementer (address): Your Safe Address

Second tx info

(8) Press the Add transaction button. You should now have two transactions under Transactions Batch. After confirming this, press the Create Batch button.

Create transaction batch

(9) Simulate the transaction to confirm it works, then press the Send Batch button.

(10) Finally, simulate, sign and execute the new transaction.

You are all done! Your Safe will now be capable of receiving ERC777 tokens, including HOPR.