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Waitlist FAQ

What is the waitlist?

To allow for incremental scaling, we have temporarily implemented a HOPR network registry. To be able to access the HOPR network registry gradually, we implemented a waiting list, where every participant who is willing to run a node has to fill in the registration form.

As the network registry expands and slots open, Network Registry NFTs will be sent to the next eligible addresses on the waitlist.

Staking these NFTs in the HOPR staking program allows users to register their address in the network registry smart contract.

How do I join the waitlist?

To join the waitlist, first you have to:

(1) Stake HOPR tokens at (see below for the minimum stake)

(2) Fill out the registration form:

What is the minimum stake required to participate in the Monte Rosa release?

  • Avado and Dappnode users must stake a minimum of 1000 HOPR tokens.
  • Everyone else must stake at least 2000 HOPR tokens.

How often is the waitlist updated?

The waitlist is updated on a monthly basis.

I have registered on the waitlist, but I can't find my address

There could be two explanations:

  • You aren’t staking the minimum amount (1000 HOPR tokens for Avado / Dappnode users, or 2000 HOPR tokens for everyone else).
  • The waitlist hasn't been updated yet, and your staking address will be included in the next update.

How is the waitlist generated?

Every eligible staking address is ranked according to the number and rank of HOPR boost NFTs staked. Addresses receive points based on the rank of their NFT (1 for bronze, 2 for silver, 3 for gold and 4 for diamond). If addresses have the same NFT score, ties are broken by staking amount.

Avado and Dappnode owners have waitlist priority, but the waitlist is used to break ties between Avado and Dappnode owners.

How are new slots distributed?

New slots are distributed based on the following ratio:

  • 60% - users based purely on waitlist position (Avado and Dappnode users will be also included here if they organically have a high rank)
  • 20% - Avado users
  • 20% - Dappnode users

Why did my position change after the waitlist was updated?

New registrants will be added to the waitlist based on their NFT score and stake. This means that your position could drop.