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Version: v2.05

Staking FAQ

How will the boost NFTs from previous releases be used in the future?

The initial idea of the HOPR protocol was about staking and receiving rewards for relaying data. As a result, we are planning to discontinue all NFTs except the Network Registry NFT, which is necessary to meet the minimum staking threshold of 10,000 HOPR.

With CT launch, what tokens will be redistributed to nodes in channels?

Only wxHOPR is used within channels. Cover traffic will also distribute rewards in the form of tickets, redeemable for wxHOPR.

What is my expected APY?

The expected average additional APY earned by a node runner is 10-15%. You will also earn rewards for relaying data from services using HOPR such as RPCh.

But this is the expected additional APY an average node runner will earn. You can see a breakdown of the economic model here.

What is the lock-up period for my stake?

There is no lock up period, so withdraw your funds whenever, but you lose rewards the less you stake and get no rewards if you stake below 10,000 wxHOPR.

Can I stake without a node?

No, all staking must be done with a node and HOPR Safe, after the end of Staking Season 08 (09/09/2023).

From a cost/efficiency perspective, which option should I choose: running a node on physical hardware or using a VPS?

Physical hardware may appear to be a better choice over a VPS from an economic perspective, but you need to consider the possibility of internet or power outages.

Additionally, you will need to monitor your device periodically. In contrast, a VPS is maintained by the provider, typically with a 99.9% uptime, which might affect your node's performance.

From an economic standpoint, your staking amount also plays a role. Your expenses should be lower than your rewards. When making a decision, we recommend trying a VPS. This allows you to assess the ratio between your monthly expenses and rewards.

What is the minimum threshold of stake required to start running a node?

  • Without a Network Registry NFT: You will need a minimum of 30,000 wxHOPR and at least one xDAI.
  • With a Network Registry NFT: You will need a minimum of 10,000 wxHOPR and at least one xDAI.

You can find where to purchase the relevant tokens here.

If I hold an NR NFT but lack the minimum threshold of 10,000 wxHOPR tokens, will I be able to run a node at a later time?

If you have NR NFT, you can join the network at any time later with a threshold of 10,000 wxHOPR.

What will happen to participants on the waitlist who do not receive an NR NFT before the launch of the major release?

The Monte Rosa waiting list has been closed, and we are not accepting new registrations for the old release.

However, we will distribute NR NFTs to everyone on the waiting list until it concludes.

Is obtaining an NR NFT from the NFT marketplace and then running a node possible?

Yes, absolutely. You can purchase a Network Registry NFT and stake 10,000 wxHOPR tokens to participate in the HOPR network.

Currently, you can try to get Network Registry NFT on nifftyfair

Will I earn rewards if I simply stake my HOPR tokens?

Our aim is to grow the HOPR network. If you only stake HOPR tokens, you will not receive any rewards, as you need to run a node. Running a node is easier than you might think! You have several methods to choose from, so opt for the one that suits you best:

Can I run multiple nodes?

Yes, you can. We don't have any limitations, although the Staking Hub will only support multiple nodes in the next release and not at launch time.