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Version: v2.05

Waitlist FAQ

What is the waitlist?

To allow for the controlled scaling of the initial Dufour release, we have implemented a HOPR network waitlist. After having created a HOPR Safe and HOPR Node, you will need to register to the waitlist using the waitlist form.

After you have been approved to join the network, you can return to the Staking Hub to complete your onboarding and join the network.

How do I join the waitlist?

To join the waitlist, first, you have to create a HOPR Safe and HOPR Node. Then register your Node and Safe using the waitlist form.

You can create a Safe and node using the onboarding wizard in the Staking Hub.

What is the minimum stake required to participate in the Dufour release?

  • Without a Network Registry NFT: You will need a minimum of 30,000 wxHOPR and at least one xDAI.
  • With a Network Registry NFT: You will need a minimum of 10,000 wxHOPR and at least one xDAI.

You can find where to purchase the relevant tokens here.

What is the Network Registry NFT?

Node runners from our previous release (Monte Rosa) were given an NFT to register within the network. This NFT is kept active for the Dufour release to allow previous node runners to join the network with a lower stake.

I have registered on the waitlist, but I can't find my address

The waitlist is currently updated manually, so if you have completed the waitlist form with accurate information, you should see your address soon.

Note: Applications that have removed their staked wxHOPR will also be periodically removed from the waitlist. Please make sure you have not dropped below the minimum required stake if you have withdrawn funds from the safe recently.

How is the waitlist generated?

Every eligible application is ranked according to its stake, with a separate list created for previous node runners holding a Network Registry NFT.

This creates two waitlists, both ranked based on wxHOPR staked.

How are new slots distributed?

New slots are distributed weekly to the next block of applicants on the waitlist, prioritizing applicants who have a Network Registry NFT. Your rank on the waitlist is purely based on the amount of wxHOPR you have staked.

Why did my position change after the waitlist was updated?

Your position may change depending on how much other applicants have staked on the network. New applicants may have joined with a higher stake, and others may have withdrawn funds or been off-boarded due to a lack of funds.