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Version: v1.90

Using Grafana

Currently, there is only support for the Grafana dashboards on Dappnode. If you are using an Avado or VPS/Docker setup, these dashboards will become available to you on the next release: Riga.

The Grafana dashboards will give you an advanced look into your node, with a dashboard breaking down several key metrics about your node.

Grafana Dashboard

Setting up Grafana Dashboard on Dappnode

To access your node's Grafana Dashboard, you need to install both:

  • The latest release: Bogota
  • The DMS Package

(1) First, make sure you are using the latest release, Bogota. Follow the instructions here to ensure you are up-to-date.

(2) Next, go to the DAppStore and install the package DMS. It stands for Dappnode Monitoring System and will give you access to your node's dashboards.

Grafana packages

(3) That's all! If your node and DMS package are running fine, you can access your Grafana dashboard by clicking the link on your DMS package.

DMS package info

(4) Then under Dashboard, look/search for HOPR NODE Overview.

Gashboard searchbar

(5) Opening this dashboard will give you access to your node metrics.

Note: The image below is of a node outside the network, hence why all the graphs are flat. Your graphs should not be flat if you have a registered working node within the network.

Initial Dashboard